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Desaware Licensing System Total Control Licensing™

Take Total Control over your software licensing

Total Control Means :

YOU control your licensing server. The server component can run on your dedicated server, virtual private server and many low cost hosting ISPs - even cloud systems. You are never dependent on us to maintain your licensing services.

YOU control your user interface. Every possible interaction with your customers is defined in your own code. Use or customize our reference implementations or create your own from scratch. Or create licensing scenarios with no user interface at all.

YOU control the system identification and comparison algorithms. Bind the license to any hardware component or system configuration element you can imagine - or to user name or IP address, or define your own way of identifying a system. Override our defaults to create any comparison scheme you wish to determine whether a license is valid or not.

YOU control the information placed in the license certificate. From features lists to expiration dates to customer information - you can embed any information into secure certificates that can be read by your client software at runtime.

YOU control the license management. Use our license management software, extend it using the built-in extensibility model, write your own license management tool, or integrate license management into your existing systems - all management functions are web-service based and programmable. You can completely integrate licensing into your own back-end systems, or any web-service capable e-commerce software.

YOU control obfuscation. Use our included obfuscator or use any obfuscator you wish - we're compatible with them all.

YOU control what is licensed and how. From Applications, to services, to web services, to ASP .NET applications - if it's a .NET assembly, we can license it. License multiple assemblies with a single certificate, or use multiple certificates to enable different features in a single assembly. Implement user licensing, floating licenses, subscriptions - if you can think of it, we can help you license it.

Learn more about the Desaware Licensing System features.

Why adapt to a licensing system, when your licensing system can adapt to you? The Desaware Licensing System was written by developers for developers.

Download our fully functional 30-day demo and see for yourself.


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