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Desaware Licensing System Demo/Updates

The Desaware Licensing System demo is a fully functional 30 day trial version. The number of license keys per application is limited to 10 for the trial version.

To update to the latest version of the software, download the demo/update package, uninstall your previous version, then install the new version using your current license keys.

Desaware Licensing System

Enter your Email address in the form below to receive an Email link to download your 30 day trial software/update (server and client). Be sure to configure your email service to allow incoming email from

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  • The current demo/update is for version 2.0 of the licensing system. Note that your version 1.x license key will not work on this version. If you are not upgrading at this time, you can download the latest version 1.5/1.6 components here.
  • Contact Desaware if you need the full version 1.6 update package, or if you are running a .NET framework 1.1 server older than version 1.2.

You must download and install both the server and client in order to test the licensing system.

Buy the Desaware Licensing System for $1495 (includes one client and one server license)

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