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Desaware Licensing System Software License

Please read this agreement.  If you do not agree to the terms of this license, promptly return the product and all accompanying items to the place from which you obtained them.

This software is protected by United States copyright laws and international treaty provisions.

The client software is licensed to you for use only on a single computer. If you wish to install it on additional computers, you must purchase additional software licenses. You may (and should) make archival copies of the software for backup purposes.

The server software is licensed to you for use as a single ASP .NET web application accessible via a single URL (domain + virtual directory). For example: would be considered a single URL. use of additional domains, subdomains or host headers will require additional licenses even if they access the same web application. The server software is licensed for on multiple computers such as cloud, web farm, or load balancing scenarios as long as each instance is accessed using the licensed URL. In addition, a server may be accessed using the localhost domain only on the system on which it is first installed. Access via the localhost URL on additional systems will require additional licenses.

You may not make copies of this software for other people. Companies or schools interested in multiple copy licenses or site licenses should contact Desaware, Inc. directly at (408) 404-4760.

You have a royalty-free right to incorporate any of the sample code provided into your own applications with the stipulation that you agree that Desaware, Inc. has no warranty, obligation or liability, real or implied, for its performance.

Licensing: The Desaware Licensing System uses the Desaware Licensing System Component. This framework provides for the transfer of licensing information from the system upon which the Desaware Licensing System is installed, to Desaware’s Licensing Web Service. This in turn creates and activates a license key that allows you to use the Desaware Licensing System components and services on your system. The licensing information transferred is a one way cryptographic hash that does not include any personal information, or information that could be used to identify the originating system. If you perform online registration, the registration information will also be transferred.

File Descriptions: You may distribute the files Desaware.MachineLicense??.dll and Desaware.webcodeentry??.dll with your licensed applications. No other files may be redistributed (?? indicates the framework version).

Source Files: If you have purchased a source code license, the following applies: You may rebuild modified versions of the software provided subject to the restrictions listed. You may not use this source code to develop or distribute components and tools that provide functionality similar to all or part of the functionality provided by the Desaware Licensing System or any of its components except for use licensing your own applications. Modified assemblies and namespaces must be renamed – you may not use Desaware in the assembly name or any namespace. However Desaware’s copyright notice must be prominently displayed in any location where your own copyright notice is present. Source code may not be published or distributed, and may be used or accessed only by the individuals and at the locations covered by the source code license. You may distribute modified versions of the Desaware.MachineLicense??.Dll or Desaware.WebCodeEntry??.DLL files only for use by your applications. Modified versions of other components may only be used by the individuals and at the locations covered by the source code license. Modified versions of the Desaware.MachineLicense??.Dll, Desware.WebCodeEntry??.Dll and Desaware.LicenseServer?? files must be obfuscated before redistribution

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