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Desaware Licensing System Features

General Features

- Also read what's new for version 2.0

  • Licenses all types of .NET apps, including web services, ASP.Net apps, server side controls and, of course, Windows applications (Windows forms or WPF).
  • Includes activation web service, with extensible management application.
  • Timed demo installation supported.
  • Subscription support and ability to disable installation codes.
  • Activation web service runs on any IIS machine, including most hosted sites.
  • Incredibly easy to use. Learn and deploy in minutes.
  • Tie into the database of your choice, or use the automatic defaults.
  • End to end cryptographic security eliminates the need for "secrets".
  • Supports .NET 1.1 through .NET 4.0

Flexible Security, from light to cryptographically strong

  • Allow installation/unlocking purely based on a product key (no Internet connection required), or require server activation for maximum security.
  • Optional passive activation - allows installation without an Internet connection, with activation following when a connection is available.
  • Strong security can be implemented using Email or CD/Floppy exchange as well as Internet connections.
  • Encrypted connections to the activation server does not require SSL.
  • FIPS compliance.

Licensing Components and Distributed Applications

  • LicenseProvider support offered for components - but not required.
  • Once the client component is installed in the GAC or installation directory, supports licensing of partially trusted software.

Customization Features

  • Powerful extensibility model allows creation of server-side plugins to implement new licensing features.
  • System identification algorithm can be completely customized. Decide if two systems match exactly, or how close two systems need to be to be considered identical.
  • Include custom data in the data sent to the server. This can be used to include product registration as part of the license activation.
  • Send server data back to the client. Data is digitally signed to prevent modification.
  • Licensing data implemented using XML
  • Add your own assemblies to respond to new or modified activations.

Read what's new for version 2.0

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