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Here at Desaware we've always prided ourselves on offering top quality support. With the release of the Universal .NET and Universal COM products we have revised our support policies. Please visit our FAQ section before contacting us to see if your question has already been answered.

Support Policies

First tier Email based support on Desaware's products is always free. Just send an Email to . First tier support includes installation issues and basic questions on software functionality.

Second tier support costs $150/incident. Second tier support covers any issues specific to your application, and use of components in ways not specified in the documentation. All phone support falls into this category.

Third tier support will be quoted as an hourly charge. It includes issues that require we analyze your code or solution architecture. All inquiries regarding source code, or work with components that you have rebuilt from source or modified source fall into this category.

Support for older versions of software

We support the latest version of our products on current versions of Windows to the degree that is technically possible. However, we do not upgrade older versions of software to work on newer operating systems. For example: Spyworks 6 and 7 are not supported after Windows Vista. The 1.x licensing system server is not supported past Windows 2010 server.

Support for Dan Appleman's Books

We regret that we are unable to provide free general help on Windows or support for these books. However, we do provide general Windows consulting as part of our professional services . For many types of problems (such as solving a Win32 API Declare or PInvoke problem) the cost may be much less than you would expect (and almost always less than spending the time to do it yourself).

Updates, corrections and FAQs to the books can be found in the book section of the site.

Support for Dan's book "Always Use Protection: A Teen's Guide to Safe Computing" can be found at

For support contact Desaware at or by phone at (408) 404-4760.

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