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Licensing Software and Components for Visual Studio Developers

Desaware, located in Silicon Valley California, is one of the world's leading vendors of licensing software and components for developers using Microsoft's Visual Studio development environment.

Most Desaware components are unique in the industry ? you won't find the typical offering of grids and UI elements. Instead you'll find infrastructure components ? software that solves real world problems such as secure licensing, and components that extend the ability of high level languages to perform low level functions.

You can contact us by phone, fax or email.

Desaware Publishing

Desaware Publishing is the publishing division of Desaware Inc. It is the publisher for Dan Appleman's recent books.

Technical Books and ebooks

Desaware's president is bestselling author Dan Appleman. Our site hosts the home pages for his older books and ebooks and numerous free technical articles authored by him and our technical staff. Recent books are published through Desaware's publishing division.

Serving Microsoft Developers Since 1991.
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