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Desaware Licensing System Future-Proof your Software

Will your software still be in use 10 years from now?

Desaware was founded in 1991, and if you built a 16 bit VB program then using one of our components, and needed a license for it today for maintenance work, we can provide it to you. How many software vendors can make that claim?

But in a world where even the largest companies can vanish overnight, it’s not enough for you to trust the vendor of your licensing software – no matter who it is. Trust is not enough.

Here’s why you don’t need to trust us to use our licensing system:

  • We do not host your licensing server. Your licensing server will run on your host, whether it is a dedicated machine, a virtual private server, or a low cost shared host. We’ll be glad to help you get set up, but we are not a hosting service.
  • Our software uses passive activation. 50 years from now (assuming any machines exist that still run .NET), you’ll be able to install our software – even if our own activation servers no longer exist.
  • You can get source code access. We offer a software escrow plan and full site/source code licenses.

We've been in the component business long enough to understand why many companies are nervous about using third-party tools and components - even technologies from the largest software vendors can be abandoned with little notice (remember ActiveX documents from Microsoft?). So we do not ask our customers to trust us (even though we've spent 19 years earning that trust) - we make sure that with our software, you'll never need to rely on trust. You will alway be able to install it and use it.


Buy the Desaware Licensing System for $1495 (includes one client and one server license)

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