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Desaware Licensing System Extensibilty and Security

Usually software grows through the addition of new features. But when it comes to licensing software, new features aren’t necessarily a good thing.

  1. More features adds to the complexity of the software. It takes longer to learn to use the software, and easier to miss features that might be important.
  2. Complexity makes it harder to characterize the behavior of the software – and increases the attack surface.

With the release of version 2 of the software we hardly touched the  core licensing system, adding only subscription support, the ability to disable keys, the ability extend demos, and a new mechanism to upgrade existing certificates rather than relying on reinstallation to update a certificate.

Instead we built a new extensibility and metadata management system. We used this system to implement several new features:

  1. Feature/module settings for installation codes.
  2. Define modules that can be unlocked on a client system using a password.
  3. The ability to revoke an installation – freeing an installation code to be used on another system (supporting software uninstall/transfer).

This resolves the complexity issue nicely:

  • You only need to learn and test against features you choose to support.
  • You can define extensions on a per-application basis – allowing you to control the licensing experience and scenarios for each application you license independently.
  • You can extend the licensing system without modifying core code – meaning you can update your software in confidence.


Buy the Desaware Licensing System for $1495 (includes one client and one server license)

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