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Desaware Universal COM All of Desaware's COM Components with full source code.

Get Both!
Universal .NET & COM
Only $995 with source
  • SpyWorks- SpyWorks lets you use low level system features that you're isolated from by Visual Basic 6. SpyWorks lets you break through those limits without paying for high priced C++ development. New version 8.0
  • NT Service Toolkit (COM edition) - Write true Windows services using Visual Basic 6. It's so powerful and easy to use we've seen C++ programmers switch to VB just to build services using this toolkit.
  • EventLog Toolkit - Build true event sources for your VB6 applications and services using a simple graphical interface. Includes a VB6 class library for accessing the event log.
  • StorageTools- Need to store data in a file? If a database is too big, and XML too awkward, StorageTools may be the ticket.
  • File Property Component- An easy to use component for reading and writing the file properties of any file.
  • Desaware ActiveX Gallimaufry - An eclectic set of components written in Visual Basic: for example: one component reads images from scanners or digital cameras.
  • VersionStamper- Cut deployment and support costs by eliminating "DLL-Hell". We've had customers tell us that VersionStamper pays for itself the first time they use it.
  • Custom Control Factory- Our original animated button control.
  • Legacy VBX Products- Desaware COM Universal also includes full source code for our original 16 bit VBX products including SpyWorks-VB, CCF-Cursors and the Custom Control Factory. An essential item for those supporting very old (>8 years) applications.
We've always been the folks who do the 'impossible'-providing some of the most advanced components in the business, but we have never told people how we do it -until now.

For just $649/developer you get Desaware's complete line of COM components - essential for both ongoing and legacy support with VB6, and offering easy migration to .NET when you're ready. Solutions for today, that you know you'll be able to support 20 years from now.

Buy for $649 or Buy COM AND .NET Universal packages for $995 .

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