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Desaware Licensing System

Single Application Edition

Get The Source!
The Desaware Licensing System source code is available for an additional fee. Contact us for complete information.

SAE Version 2.0 introduces a new lower cost edition of the licensing system. This version has the following limitations:

  • Supports a single application (the standard edition Licensing System supports licensing of unlimited applications).
  • Allows up to 1000 installation codes (the standard edition Licensing System has no limit).
  • SAE does not support signing of external DLSC files.
  • SAE does not support server data, server metadata, server plugins or post install actions (licensing server extensibility).
  • SAE does not support the UpdateLicense feature.

Single Application Edition installations can be easily upgraded to the full version at any time.

Learn more about the Standard Edition Desaware Licensing System

Buy the Desaware Licensing System SAE for $495 (includes one client and one SAE server license)

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