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Desaware Universal.NET StorageTools Features

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Learn more about StorageTools features such as:

Build complex file documents

Structured Storage allows you to create files that organize information easily. Blocks of data can be placed in hierarchical form, just as files are placed in directories. It's like having an entire file system in each file. You can also create and work with compound documents - a standard for document storage.

Structured Storage takes care of allocating and freeing space within a file, so just as you need not concern yourself with the physical placement of files on disk, you can disregard the actual location of data in the file. Plus: with its support for transactioning you can easily implement undo operations and incremental saves in your application.

StorageTools allows you to take advantage of the same file storage system used by many of Microsoft's own applications. Includes sample programs (with source) that let you examine the structure of any structured storage based file so you can see exactly how they do it.

Because structured storage provides direct random access to individual streams, it allows much more efficient editing than XML (which requires reading and writing an entire file when any changes are made).

Implement Object Storage

With its support for multiple streams of binary of text data, StorageTools makes it easy to store the state of serializable .NET objects. Desaware's StorageTools makes it easy to persist object state in a structured storage stream. Simply create the stream and save the object to it. Later, you can recreate the object and restore its state by reversing the process.

Access Document Properties

The Structured Storage framework defines common streams of data called SummaryInformation and DocumentSummaryInformation which an application can use to store information that it wishes to be public and accessible to the system and other applications. These streams are divided into fields called "properties". Common properties include the name of the author, keywords, the number of words in the document and the last time the document was printed. You can see these document properties in Office applications, or by selecting the "Properties" file menu item in Explorer.

Desaware's StorageTools allows your Visual Basic .NET or C# application to view and edit the document properties for any document that uses Structured Storage, including Office document properties. It also allows you to create your own document formats that support public document properties.

Buy Desaware's StorageTools as Part of the .NET Universal bundle for $649 or Buy COM AND .NET Universal packages for $995 .

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