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Links are amazing things.

They point to web pages or images.

But imagine the flexibility if you could easily create links that exist for a limited time only, or that exist for a limited time after first use. A link that limits the number of IP addresses that can use it. A link that once used, invalidates another set of links.

  • Find out if someone read an Email message or visited a web page.
  • Distribute software or documents with a high degree of security.
  • Offer and track special discounts or offers to customers.

OneTimeDownload-5M is the ideal link manager for ASP.NET. And like all of the Universal .NET package - you not only get this advanced functionality, you get the source code to see how it's done.


  • Create unlimited unique links, each with a specified expiration date.
  • Specify time a link remains active after first use.
  • Links are associated with a URL, file path, and optional description or user defined data.
  • Links can define a group. Use of one link invalidates the others in the group.
  • Links are highly secure. 128 bit link identifiers virtually eliminate the possibility of guessing a link.
  • Specify IP limits to increase security. Once a link is used by the specified number of IP addresses, only those IP addresses can continue to access it.
  • Document/file download links. Supports direct download for common file types. Easy customization to support additional file types.

Screen shot shows an example application in which limited access links are used to distribute promotional eBooks. Click on the image for a full size view.

Buy Desaware's OneTimeDownload-5M as Part of the Universal .NET bundle for $649 or Buy COM AND .NET Universal packages for $995 .

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