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Desaware Press Release

Desaware Offers Source Code for Components for Handling DLL Conflicts, Low Level System Access, and Development of Windows Services

Software solutions solve critical problems faced by Visual Basic ® 6.0 and .NET developers, provide notable cost savings

SAN JOSE, CA (February 23, 2004) Desaware, a leading vendor of developer tools and content for people developing applications for the Microsoft Windows platform, today announced the availability of two new products and have included the source code for each. Universal COM 2004 and Universal .NET 2004 accelerate Visual Basic 6.0 and .NET development by resolving dynamic link library (DLL) conflicts, low level system access, complex file storage, advanced services, multithreading and security. The products greatly reduce development, functionality, feature, and time to market costs. A study by ComponentSource, a distributor of software components including Desaware products, shows a return on investment for off-the-shelf software components starting at 200:1 or higher.

In addition to offering new products, Desaware has revamped its business model to provide a lower cost of entry for its products with a nominal support fee. The company has a long history of providing reliable, advanced components with stellar customer support.

In a bold move, Desaware took the majority of its product line and repackaged it with source code. "Our customers requested that we provide the source code for our components, and we have listened. Developers are reluctant to adopt components when vendors do not provide the source code," said Dan Appleman, Desaware CEO. "We've always been the folks who do the 'impossible'-providing some of the most advanced components in the business, but we have never told people how we do it -until now."

The Desaware Universal .NET 2004 product enables technologies that solve real world problems of Microsoft Visual Basic .NET and Visual C# developers. The product is a software bundle that includes components for performing low level system tasks, creating advanced Windows services in .NET, creating event sources, managing ASP.Net links, as well as a framework used to simplify and improve the reliability of many types of applications, and much more.

The Desaware Universal COM 2004 product extends the power of Visual Basic 6.0. Desaware Universal COM 2004 is a software bundle that includes components for performing low level system tasks that would normally require advanced programming in C++, creating full featured Windows services in VB6, solving "DLL-Hell" version conflict problems, accessing OLE Structured Storage compound files, and much more.

Pricing and Availability:

Desaware Universal COM 2004 and Universal .NET 2004 products are available now. Pricing for each of these products sold separately is $495. Both products are offered together for $795.

About Desaware:

Founded in 1991, Desaware Inc. is a vendor of developer tools and content for people developing applications for Microsoft Windows operating systems with Visual Basic and other COM-compliant and .NET Framework based development tools. For more information, please visit .

All product and company names herein may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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