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Desaware In The News

VB.NET Forums 6/2004 Desaware Licensing System (5 Stars)
Visual Studio Magazine 3/24/04 VSM Announces 2004 Readers Choice Awards
Let's Talk Computers 2/28/2004 Universal Developer Components
Visual Studio Magazine 12/08/03

Manage Software Licensing

VB.NET Advisor 12/02/03 Get Automated Security Testing for .NET Applications
.NET Developers Journal 10/07/03 Testing Code Access Security
Application Development Trends Magazine 10/01/03 Review: Desaware Licensing System
IT Management 09/08/03 Microsoft .NET Secrets
NET Developers Journal 09/02/03 Secure Server/Machine Licensing for .NET
The Wagner Blog 06/14/03 Product Review: Desaware NT Service Toolkit 1.1
NET Developers Journal 11/30/02 State Machine Creation Made Easier with StateCoder for the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Platform
Visual Studio Magazine 05/2002 Create event sources
Visual Studio Magazine Spring 2002 ActiveX Gallimaufry 2.0
Visual Studio Magazine Spring 2002 Custom Control Factory 4.0
Let's Talk Computers 05/12/01 Programming Add-Ons
Visual Studio Magazine 11/11/00 Create Win32 service easily

In The News :
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