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Desaware Licensing System Support

Turning off Idle Timeout from the Server

If your activation server is used infrequently (which is actually quite common given that license verification occurs on the client), you may find that the first attempt to activate a license fails but subsequent activations succeed.

This can occur on some servers (depending on speed and load) due to a timeout. The timeout occurs because the startup time for the server is longer than a typical access (this is normal for all ASP .NET applications and servers - application startup time often involves a recompilation of the IL code using the .NET JIT compiler).

One solution is to increase the timeout for your application. Another is to prevent the server worker process from shutting down when idle (which is the default setting).

Here's how you can configure a Windows 2003 server to avoid shutting down your license server's worker process.

1. Find the Application Pool

Bring up the IIS Manager and right click on your license server "web site" and choose Properties. Chose the "Home Directory" tab and determine which Application Pool your license server is using. You may wish to create an application pool just for your server.


2. Configure the Application Pool

Now choose the application pool used by your license server. Right click on it and choose properties. Select the "Performance" tab and uncheck the "Idle timeout" option.



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