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Placing orders

Orders and Pricing

Desaware's products are available through multiple channels:

  • Desaware's online store: Features automatic registration, Electronic or packaged products with immediate delivery for most products on approved credit. Other orders will be delivered in 1 to 2 business days.
  • Desaware direct: phone orders to 408-404-4760, fax purchase orders to 408-404-4780
  • Domestic Resellers: Most software distributers (Programmer's Paradise, Software Spectrum, etc.) carry Desaware's products.
  • International Resellers are also available.

Desaware accepts purchase orders on a net 30 basis on approval of credit.

When purchased from Desaware, products that do not include source code have a 30 day unconditional guarantee. Products that include source code are not returnable once opened (packaged products) or delivered (electronic distribution).

Discounts are available for site licenses on all products.

Shipping and Tax

All software is available as downloadable content - contact Desaware directly for availability of packaged products and shipping rates/terms.

There is no shipping charge for ESD electronic distribution sales.

We charge sales tax on all packaged product shipments within California.


Desaware continues to offer individual product pricing for products within the Desaware Universal COM and Desaware Universal .NET packages.

The following are individual unit prices. Contact Desaware for pricing on site licenses.

Desaware Licensing System (Server + Client) (Source available at added cost) $1495 (Extra Server $1000, Extra Client $495)

Desaware Universal .NET + COM with Source


Desaware Universal .NET with or without Source


Desaware Universal COM with or without Source


Source code upgrade on Universal products after 30 days of purchase only


Individual Products (No source)

Desaware Licensing System Server (Source available at added cost) $1000
Desaware Licensing System Client (Source available at added cost) $495

SpyWorks Professional 8.0




NT Service Toolkit 2.0 (COM)


NT Service Toolkit 2.0 (.NET)


VersionStamper 6.5


Event Log Toolkit 1.0


StorageTools 3.0


Desaware File Property Component 1.0


Desaware ActiveX Gallimaufry 2.0









See online bookstore for current list

See online bookstore for current availability and prices.


See online bookstore for current list

Electronic Distribution only. See online bookstore for prices.

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