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.NET 2.0/3.0/4.0 and Vista/Windows 7 Update Information

Desaware maintains an ongoing upgrade program for active products to the latest framework and operating system versions.

General Notes Regarding .NET 3.x

It is important to realize that .NET 3.0/3.5 is NOT a new version of the .NET framework. Rather, it consists of the current .NET 2.0 framework along with a number of new technologies (WCF, WPF, Cardspace, etc.). As such, components and software that does not use these new subsystems need not be rebuilt for .NET 3.x. Unlike the .NET 1.1 and 2.0 frameworks, where Desaware shipped distinct components built on each platform, we will not ship 3.0 specific components unless we implement 3.0 specific functionality.

Desaware is shipping native .NET 4.0 components of the Desaware Licensing System.

General Notes Regarding Windows Vista/Windows 7

We are now shipping software that is compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7. Some Desaware products (SpyWorks, NT Service Toolkit for example) consist of frameworks or low level components. It is important to realize that while our framework or component may be Vista/Windows 7compatible, it's very possible that the application you have build using these tools will have compatibility issues with Vista. It is therefore essential that you test your application for compatibility.

Here is a summary of our current update status:

Desaware Licensing System

The .NET 2.0-4.0 and Vista/Windows 7/Windows 2008R2 client and server components are now available. Updates through Windows 7 and .NET 3.5 with the versio 1.x feature set components are available to all current owners at no charge (this is called the 1.6 release of the Desaware Licensing System).

Version 2.0 of the licensing system is the first to support .NET 4.0 (in addition to numerous other enhancments). This is a paid upgrade.

All versions of the client licensing component will be supported with the the latest version 2.0 licensing server on .NET 3.5 and 4.0 - so your existing and future applications will continue to work correctly with licensing servers running on either framework.

We are discontinuing development on the .NET 1.1-2.0 server. Version 2.0 of the licensing system requires ASP.NET 3.5 or 4.0.

SpyWorks 8

SpyWorks 8 is recommended for use on all current and future applications. This product is included in Universal 2006 and components are supported for both .NET 2.0-3.5 and Vista/Windows 7. Not all of the developer tools are supported on Vista/Windows 7(particularly the COM tools). Be sure to check our FAQ for the latest updates.

Note that SpyWorks is built on 32-bit technology. It does work on 64-bit systems via interop, but is not a native 64-bit subclasser/hook system.

Universal .NET 2006

We are now shipping Universal .NET 2006. This version includes .NET 2.0 and Vista/Windows 7 support for SpyWorks 8, NT Service Toolkit, StateCoder and OneTimeDownload. StorageTools is unchanged but remains largely compatible with .NET 2.0 and Vista/Windows 7 (See product FAQ for further details). Archived versions of LineGraph and INIFileTool have not been migrated but do work on both platforms.

Universal COM 2006

We haven't forgetten our COM customers. Even though there are (obviously) no updates for .NET 2.0, Universal COM 2006 includes SpyWorks 8, which has a completely new set of subclass/hook components with major enhancements. Except for SpyWorks 8, the NT Service Toolkit and StorageTools we do not support Vista for the Universal COM suite. Support for Vista focuses on components on runtime mode - not all developer tools will be supported on Vista. Keep in mind that some Vista/Windows 7changes will make existing functions impossible to replicate - refer to FAQ's for individual products for more specifics.

Older Versions

Older versions of the software and legacy 16 bit components will not be supported under Vista or Windows 7. UI features of the dwEasy??? control will not be supported under Vista.

EBook Updates

Currently available are:


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