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Note: This page describes a legacy product. This page is available for archival purposes and as a courtesy to those who have linked to it, but is no longer being updated or maintained.

Desaware CAS/Tester .....$399


  • Easy to learn and use. Performs over 80 tests right out of the box.
  • Runtime testing, creates the objects you request and calls selected methods.
  • Specify individual permissions or complete permission sets.
  • Create test scripts in VB.Net or C#.
  • Can invoke outside test assemblies.
  • Tests executables (console and Windows forms), and DLLs (UserControls, components and class libraries).
  • Custom scripts also support role based (principal) security testing!
  • Output includes detailed information including permissions tested.
  • Output includes all exceptions that occur for each test, along with a stack trace.
  • XML format output lends itself to further test automation.
  • Easy to read report can be viewed in any recent web browser.
Reports can be customized using your own XSLT templates.
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